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Woolerina are passionate about four things: superior quality merino wool, family, slow fashion and ethics. They have been handpicking each batch of wool for over 10 years, and have the highest manufacturing standards – so that customers can enjoy the softest, most beautiful merino clothing that is Australian made and owned.  


As a business family run and owned in Forbes, NSW since 2005, you could say Woolerina is a pretty close flock. They care a lot about each other, about you and about your experience with their products.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion is a growing movement that encourages people to take care of their clothing so that it lasts longer. This saves people time and money while minimising waste, industry exploitation and environmental damage. Woolerina garments withstand the test of time because of the care and effort they put into each part of the process – from selecting the merino fleece to creating beautiful garments locally. They take every opportunity to craft clothing with the best fabrics and highest level of skill. So, if you treat your Woolerina piece with love and kindness, it will return the favour.


Woolerina wears its Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation with pride because they believe that the greatest products come from treating everyone involved fairly and respectfully. That means wool sourced from farmers who share their vision, growing sheep who live happy, long lives on native grasses – without mulesing. Made locally with only the finest, hand-selected wool, you’ll truly feel the difference with your Woolerina garment.

Quality merino

Founder (and Dad), Warwick Rolfe, discovered his passion for merino wool more than 30 years ago, when he first set foot in the Sydney Wool Selling Centre. Since then, he’s recruited his two equally enthusiastic daughters to share the luxuriousness and durability of this wonderful textile with discerning customers Australia–wide.

UKIYO STORE is pleased to have Woolerina now in store to offer to our customers starting with a very special collaboration between Woolerina and local Forbes area high school student, Kate Rice, who has just completed her HSC at Red Bend Catholic College. Kate’s hand drawn ‘Hakea plant’ print (an Australian native) was screen printed by the wonderful team at PUBLISHER TEXTILES in Sydney onto Woolerina’s Merino interlock fabric. We are lucky to have this beautiful print on Lilac Merino in a 3/4 sleeve women’s pullover.

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