Sporting Nation gifts just arrived

Tim Rath is the creator of Sporting Nation and hunter/gather of the “Ornaments to the Game” series of cards, wash-bags and more…

As Tim states:

“The inanimate objects photographed for this series are, (to the artist’s mind at least), ‘ornaments to their game’. Forever in the shade of the sports people who used them to great & not so great effect, these pieces of vintage sports equipment with their well-worn patinas suggesting countless hours of use, are finally getting their moment in the sun.

A combination of discards scavenged from op shops & treasures retained by their former masters, each piece is a fond reminder of the integral role sport played across Australia in the ’60’s – ’80’s & for many will evoke memories of the games, the experiences & the people they themselves encountered on the field of play.”

Drop on in to Ukiyo Store to see what we have in from the Sporting Nation collection – they are bound to make great gifts for sports-lovers young and old alike.


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