Sale! Obimaika Wristband
Obimaika Wristband
Obimaika, a Japanese concept meaning “dancing elegantly with an Obi” is the label of Florence Tur. Florence first came up with a  prototype of an Obi belt modifying the pattern to make it curved and without visible seams. Later, the design of the Obi bracelet was created with the same attention to detail with the focus on comfort and elegance. Please See options below and make selection carefully as the wristbandS vary in length. AFTER 1ST GROUP PICTURE THE OBI WRISTBAND STYLES ARE SHOWN IN ORDER BELOW:  Atsuko - 21cm BlackSash - 24cm Blue waves - 23.5cm Daiki - 23cm Emiko - 21cm (Note this is more tan in colour than red) Hinae - 21cm Kaori - 22cm Kimiko - 20cm Red Sash - 19cm (Note this is more tan in colour than red)
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