Nataša Milenović Jewellery

Ukiyo Store is thrilled to have local jeweller Nataša Milenović now stocked in store!

Nataša draws inspiration from textures and the many patterns revealed by Tasmania’s nature, especially those derived from geography, the elements, insects and flora. 

Black & Gold Lichen Twig

Nataša’s jewellery design uses simple forms which she then adds to creating rich surfaces.

The origin of the materials used is very important to Nataša who makes a conscious effort to up-cycle and use local gemstones – these practices reflecting perfectly a sense of time and place. 

Serpentine Drops

Techniques like hot sculpting/ modeling where pieces are fused together one by one, allows Nataša to reuse scrap metal in her studio with the tools available to her, such as the torch. The skillful use of flame leads to exploring the textures the heat produces on the surfaces, with the goal of reflecting the patterns she sees in nature.

Symbiotic Shields

Nataša prefers to work experimentally and intuitively. Starting with a concept she then finds herself immersed in the journey and allowing it to take its own form. Step by step, she works out the best compositions when it is in front of her which leads to subtle variations from one finished piece to the next.

Come on into to Ukiyo Store to see the range of beautifully crafted pieces we have from Nataša.

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