My Llewellyn Dream

Angela Murphy is the creative maker behind the label My Llewellyn Dream based in Perth, W.A.

Angela is a wife, mum, fabric lover and crafty seamstress.

Angela studied Fashion & Textile Design on leaving High School but had not worked in the industry for about 20 years when she returned to sewing again about 5 years ago when her son was older and she realised she still really enjoyed it.

After looking at the current market and searching for fabrics Angela discovered some suppliers selling vintage Japanese kimono silk. She fell in love with the fabrics that were stunningly rich in colours, had unique designs, were pure silk and mostly preserved in excellent condition. The fabrics had been unpicked from ceremonial kimonos and were available in lengths ready to take on a new life.

It seemed no one else in Western Australia was making ladies clothes from this type of fabric and so Angela’s “My Llewellyn Dream” started.  Angela began creating simply styled ladies clothing that shows off these beautiful Japanese silks – re-creating vintage kimonos into wearable classis for today.

All pieces are hand-sewn by Angela using her own drafted pattens.  I use quality finishes like French seams and little bindings, rather than mass techniques in their construction.  Each garment is usually a one-off as fabric supply is limited.  Angela hopes her designs can be worn by any age and for any occasion. 

Angela loves working with her hands to create something that’s beautiful to wear, is unique, has some history and on the inside there’s quality craftmanship that she’s learnt over many years. 

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