In Various States

Ukiyo Store is thrilled to have a collection of locally made In Various States Linen and Leather Pendants in store now. Hand dyed, printed and made by the lovely Jo, these gorgeous fashion accessories are sure to add interest and style to any outfit.


Jo Boyd, the creator behind In Various States, has a Visual Arts Diploma in Printmaking followed by a Fine Arts Degree at the Hunter Street Art School at UTAS. Since then she has been teaching Art for some time and in 2014 went back to printmaking again.

“At first I was printing onto paper and recycled materials and eventually I moved onto fabric. By then I had originated the label name “in various states” and had begun attending markets in Hobart.”

Jo has a passion for Japanese design, printmaking and beautiful textiles and began to create pieces that brought the three elements together. (A great ‘fit’ for Ukiyo Store we think!) Jo is constantly sourcing inspiration from the beautiful surrounds of Tasmania and the people she meets. These influences lead her to create aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional pieces for you to wear, to put on your wall or in your home.

In Various States designs range from large scale wall hangings, to hand printed napkins. Jo prefers to work in small scale production, which means all pieces are treated individually in regards to printing, design and colour. She also believes in sourcing good quality materials to work with, along with non-toxic dyes and inks. When you own a fabric piece from my her range, you have something uniquely beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.

If you would like to have a go at some blockprinting yourself Jo is holding her next workshop in Hobart on Sunday the 27th October. There are more details on the In Various States website and bookings will be open soon.

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