Hay & Who

It may be categorised as ‘jewellery’ but stylist Natalie Hay and lightsmith Loz Abberton conjure fresh designs to create their unique brand of ‘Fearless Fabulosities’ . . . designed to stoke imaginations and elevate confidences.

Precision cutting, laser etching and detailed handcrafting underscore their commitment to offering spirited earrings, pins, strands and headwear using premium leather, Lucite and timber . . . and save the planet one (amazing) earring at a time.

Local leathers are kangaroo, toad, snake and eel in bark-tanned natural, dyed and metallic finishes . . . gold, silver, rose gold; timbers are the precious Huon Pine and Tasmanian Blackwood with eco-cred from Australian Forestry Standards; frosted and clear Lucite are premium cast acrylics with such brilliance they outshine diamonds!

Hay & Who’s ‘Fearless Fabulosities’ are exuberant and luxe, and as fearless as the women and men who wear them. And the two friends who make them 🙂

And, Ukiyo Store is thrilled to have a selection of their fabulosities in store now!




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