December update

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We are gearing up for the Festive Season at Ukiyo Store with the arrival of lots of new goodies.

For the Men:

New tees from Wajin (Japan) and Publisher Textiles (NSW) are proving popular and we also have a range of great Polo colours from Fred Perry (all of these brands are currently exclusive to Ukiyo Store in Tasmania!)

We also have fabulous wash bags from a Sporting Nation and Kiriko Made and for the cricket enthisiast, or anyone who likes a well made wallet, we have the full range of Cherry leather wallets from The Game.

We’ve got socks and jocks covered too with great designs from Lafitte and The Bottom Line respectively.

For the Women:

New deliveries have come in from Honest Studios including their exclusive Hay Patchwork Linen Dress/Coat, Lola Terracotta Pinafore and Tesa Top in Black Linen/Japanese Cotton.

Essaye’s signature Mikko print Tunic in a very Christmassy Emerald/Green colourway is here too.

Frank & Dolly’s latest Seek the Sky Midnight Dress and Bomber in soft rayon is a perfect match or great as separates too.

Redressd have whipped up another round of the VERY popular 3/4 GOTS denim roll top pants and we also have a stunning Japanese cotton floral top from Redressd as well.

And, also on the Japanese front, we have some Japanese silk tees from newcomer My Llewellyn Dream (see our welcome post coming soon).

Closer to home from Launceston’s Seagrass Design we have their delightful Trees For Bees Linen dress and skirt just in.

And, that’s not even mentioning the wonderful accessories, jewellery and more that you can find at Ukiyo Store such as some of the latest Belinda Pieris embroidered leathergoods and soft shibori silk scarves…

and, Tassie made lipsticks from Cherry Brown and seaweed goodness from Concordia Handcrafted Skincare too (made near Dover, Tasmania) including their latest Hydrating Creme and Seaweed soap.

We also have a few things of sale dotted around the shop in clothing, jewellery and homewares too.

Drop on in, we are happy to help you out with gift ideas or a gift voucher – and yes just ask if you’d like it gift wrapped!

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