Bëuy (pronounced boy) is the label of award winning Melbourne-based jewellery designer Taë Schmeisser. From a family of artists (printmaker father and textile designer mother), Taë launched bëuy in 2014 alongside her eponymous gold + silver gallery artwork. Bëuy’s objective is to bring to light the misunderstood strength of glass and it’s applications in contemporary jewellery, and to provide a modern, accessible and affordable platform for it.

Born in Australia and educated in glass, ceramics, gold + silver in Australia and Japan, her multicultural Japanese and German heritage has influenced the combination of minimalism and modernity in her works, while her extensive training has given her a unique understanding of each material, resulting in a truly rare aesthetic.

Bëuy offers innovative seasonal collections that embrace technological advancements (airbrushing) to produce fresh concepts and unique pieces.  All works are designed and crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

Come along and see the beautiful attention to detail for yourself at Ukiyo Store – now stocking a range of Bëuy’s glass beauties.

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