Wajin T-shirts

WAJIN T-shirts are not only beautifully designed and crafted but they have a delightful philosophy behind them – OKU.

OKU is an unique concept in Japanese culture. It is believed to be something that vaguely exists behind the forms we can see. OKU is a sense of distance or depth which arises in our mind. When we see, or hear something, we sometimes feel like our mind stretches or thinks of something far away. Such a space always exists in our heart. Though the form is indeed important, we can only focus on the particulars of the easy-to-see outer form, however Wajin strongly believe, and wish, for their works to expand your mind.

Wajin’s studio was established in 1995 in a small apartment in Tokyo. They started to produce and sell T-shirts printed with Japanese traditional designs, hoping people would like to take away a piece of Japanese culture. In its early days, their products were mostly for Japan’s domestic market, but after they started selling T-shirts at Tokyo Narita Airport as Japanese souvenirs in 2002, they started thinking about the role their designs played in spreading Japanese culture to the world.

Wajin T-shirts are 100% MADE IN JAPAN. They use T-shirts made by a one of the oldest and best T-shirt manufacturers in Tokyo, called: KUME Co.,Ltd. who are dedicated to T-shirt manufacturing and pay close attention to the whole manufacturing process from choosing materials to sewing. The fabric is not only comfortable and soft to the touch but also durable.

Ukiyo Store is thrilled to have a selection of Wajin T-shirts now available in store including:

ZANGETU – means a pale morning moon in Japanese. This design is of a hawk looking up to the moon shining through a rift in a cloud. The poem says, ‘A bird screams in the winter morning filled with frost and the pale moon is setting in the west sky’.

RANCHIU –┬áRanchiu is called the King of Goldfish. The old poem says: ‘In which cloud has the moon hidden?’ The moon and goldfish are combined with the crest of a fan, which symbolizes the water surface, to make a typical scene of a Japanese summer night.

FUJI –┬áMt. Fuji is a symbol of Japanese spirit. Wajin express its brave figure in a cool way with monotone colors. The Kanji poems are words of Zen Buddhism which says: ‘The mountain does not move.’

With new designs currently being developed we will continue to bring these fabulous tees to Hobart.

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