Gabrielle Stolp Jewellery


Gabbee Stolp is a Hobart born visual artist whose work involves a philosophical exploration of spirituality, mythology and human connectedness with the natural world, together with a belief in the inseperability of life and death. Using materials thoughtfully sourced from the lives of animals, Gabbee works with small objects and jewellery making in order to provoke ideas of the biological and the metaphysical and to inspire a connection with nature through art.

Gabbee is a current recipient of the RMIT Maggie Fairweather Gold and Silversmithing studio residency. Gabbee was a finalist in the 2017 Victorian Craft Award for her work Untitled (animal Relics) and in 2015 was awarded the Brunswick Street Gallery Small Woeks Award for her sculptural work Leadbeater’s. Gabbee studied Jewellery Design at the Tasmanian Polytechnic (now TasTAFE) in 2009/2010 and also works as a Registered Nurse in aged care in Melbourne.

Gabbee uses recycled materials that have been thoughtfully sourced – often from second hand garments no longer fit to wear or as off-cuts from the fashion industry. All the sterling silver used in earring hooks is recycled.

Come along to Ukiyo Store to see Gabbee’s thoughtfullly tactile pieces of wearable art.



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