Eva’s Sunday now at Ukiyo Store

The latest fashion label to land at Ukiyo Store is Eva’s Sunday. Eva’s Sunday is about making garments of longevity versus the “in one minute out the next” nature of a lot of fashion available today. Fast & disposable is not their thing. Eva’s Sunday are committed to quality & integrity at every stage of the process.

Their philosophy is about dressing an ageless modern woman with a great sense of her own style. She prefers quality over quantity and has a strong bias for natural fibres against the skin. She also gets that a wide leg pant never goes out of style and that one can never own too many white linen shirts – they are, after all, the foundation of many fabulous looks. She understands the concept of layering and has a penchant for inky blues, denim, subtle colour pops, all types of grey and white in all of its guises. Oh and she loves a neutral palette too!

Eva’s Sunday design & release new ranges consistently throughout the year and prefer to avoid the strict seasonal approach to garment design, opting instead for pieces that work well layered up or down depending on your climate.

The wearer soon gathers a range of garments individual in their own right, but connected by a signature look, quality & colour palette that allows them to work seamlessly well together from one season to the next.

Ukiyo Store is thrilled to have selected pieces from the latest collection:

the PEONY collection

The launch of this collection marks a new age for the label. Their sophisticated aesthetic has taken a further step to include fabrics designed by us and milled from European sourced linens exclusively for the ES label.
Melissa Dress – Blueberry

Abbey Culotte – Blue Mirage Check
Mavis Top – Blueberry

Tamako Tunic – Deep Night

We have very limited quantities – so be quick-sticks and drop on in to Ukiyo Store sooner than later…

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